Can you travel with jewellery? Brotheridge

Jewellery Travel Tips

Hello, travellers! Are you wondering if your favourite jewellery can accompany you in your hand luggage? The answer is YES, and we've got some handy tips to make it a breeze:

1. Simplify Your Selection: Opt for versatile pieces that complement various outfits.

2. Divide and Conquer: Use resealable bags or small compartments to prevent tangles and scratches. Keeping your jewellery in an airtight bag also helps to prevent tarnishing!

3. Keep Earrings Together: Attach earrings to a small card or spare button to keep pairs united.

4. Carry-On Confidence: Always carry your jewellery in your hand luggage for better control and safety.

5. Travel-Friendly Sparkle: Choose pieces that are both stylish and airport-friendly during security checks.

We know that your journey is incomplete without your favourite jewels. Let's explore the world in style!

Happy travels and happy accessorising,


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