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Neolithic Arrowhead Necklace - Sterling Silver

Neolithic Arrowhead Necklace - Sterling Silver

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In a time when the Sahara was lush and teeming with life, a skilled Neolithic craftsman painstakingly chipped away at a piece of flint, creating an arrowhead of remarkable quality.

Millennia later, nomads traversing the now-desolate desert discovered this relic, setting off a chain of events that would eventually bring it into the hands of artisans at Brotheridge. Using advanced moulding and casting techniques, the arrowhead was perfectly replicated in silver to create a pendant that encapsulates both ancient skill and modern elegance.

This unique piece offers a wearable connection to humanity's collective past, inviting the wearer to carry a tangible piece of history.


Recycled Sterling Silver

Arrowhead length: 16mm

18 inch chain

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